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Formerly made by Rexcraft™ and Buglecraft™

This is the authentic, U.S. Regulation Bugle.™  It has been used for years by members of our Armed Forces, the Boy Scouts of America and VFW units around the world.  It is made of the finest quality brass by highly experienced, skilled craftsmen. With reasonable care, this musical instrument will last a lifetime.

As specified by the Quartermaster Corp of the U.S. Army in 1882, U.S. Regulation Bugles™ are built in the Key of G with a tuning slide that will bring it down to the Key of F. It is easy to play and sounds just the way you know it should.

Sometimes, this instrument is called a Boy Scout Bugle, Army Bugle, Navy Bugle, Air Force Bugle, Marine Bugle, VFW Bugle, Civil War Bugle, American Command, True Tone, Drum Major, Rexcraft/Official, Wonder Bugle, Official Bugle, Field Trumpet, Dynasty, Ultratone, The Legionnaire, Scout Master or just a Bugle.  But remember, this is the only authentic US Regulation Bugle™ available.  If it doesn't have US Regulation Bugle™ stamped on the bell, it's not the real thing!

You can play every official bugle call on your U.S. Regulation Bugle. 

Listen to .mp3 files of the Official Bugle Calls by clicking on the title: First Call, Reveille, To The Colors, Mess Call, Adjutants Call, Mail Call, Officers Call, Retreat, Tattoo and Taps.



U.S. Regulation Bugle™ Brass Lacquer w/Mouthpiece $169.95
U.S. Regulation Bugle™ Nickel Silver w/Mouthpiece $189.95
Bugle Mouthpiece $19.95
Bugle Gig Bag $34.95
Bugle Book $9.95
Bugle Tassel $11.95
Bugle Mute $26.95

To find a dealer in your area, please call 888-385-1747 or 631-385-1747

For phone or wholesale orders, please contact:
Mr. Jason Palmer

Toll Free:  888-385-1747  or  Toll:  631-385-1747

Fax: 631-300-0132

Nickel Silver Finish

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